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Ooty Red radish

About Ooty Red radish

Distinct eathy flavour, rich in Anthocynin & antioxidants.

Flavour : spicy and tangy
Most Suitable For : salad, pickles, soups, sandwiches

Nutritional Value  *per 100 gms

Verified by a certified nutritionist

Health Benefits

-Boosts Immunity: Ooty Red Radish is a good source of Vitamin C which helps to strengthen the immune system and protect against infections and diseases. -Good for Digestion: The fiber in radishes helps in digestion and prevents constipation. -Promotes Weight Loss: Ooty Red Radish is low in calories and high in fiber, making it an ideal food for weight loss. -Improves Heart Health: The antioxidants and potassium present in radishes help in regulating blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart diseases. -Anti-inflammatory Properties: Ooty Red Radish contains anti-inflammatory compounds which can help in reducing inflammation in the body.