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Mango Neelam

About Mango Neelam

Neelam Mangoes are known for their beautiful shape, taste and divine floral aroma.

Flavour : Ice cream, Smoothies
Most Suitable For : Snack, Chutney

Nutritional Value  


Health Benefits

-Improves Eye Health: The Vitamin A in mangoes helps improve vision and prevent night blindness and dry eyes. -Aids Weight Loss: Mangoes are low in calories, high in fiber, and have a low glycemic index, making them a perfect snack for those trying to lose weight. -Reduces Inflammation: Mangoes contain anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in the body and prevent chronic diseases. -Improves Skin Health: The high Vitamin C content in mangoes helps boost collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and prevents premature aging. -Prevents Anemia: Mangoes are a good source of iron, which helps prevent anemia and improve blood circulation.