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A note on sustainability:

The footsteps we take decide the trails we leave. It is never too late to realise, that we’re just a part of a greater ecosystem. Every bit of our involvement has ramifications. Even more, when we handle nature directly. The onus is on us because the consequences are real.

The word sustainability might find varied use. What doesn’t change, is ensuring consistency of resources for the future, which in turn shapes our actions. Now is here.

From the natural resources to the carbon footprint, from linking communities to a responsible one, from what we choose to how we act, everything is interlinked. At Deep Rooted.Co we take our actions seriously because if we don’t care what nurtures us, we’re disrupting the basic crux of life.

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Farming for the Future:

A recent article mentioned that about one-third of the earth’s soil is degraded & 90 per cent of it will face further damage in the next three decades and about 30 per cent of the total geographical area — is affected by degradation. Can you imagine the impact? This is where our multitude of farming techniques comes to prominence.

The use of Hydroponics is slowly picking up pace. When we started 5 years back, it was still an idea that had very few takers. The fact that plants can be grown in a nutrient-filled solution and thereby reducing soil dependency, was still at a nascent stage.

Today, it is estimated that the Hydroponics space is expected to grow by 26% by 2023. This shift is a small inclination that consciousness and lack of resources both are pacing up.

Our Drip Irrigation saves water by 60 per cent or using Mulching to conserve soil along with using several natural techniques for pesticide control, we’re reimagining the way we facilitate our produce for a healthier, cleaner & greener future.

The topic of food security needs attention. With a growing population than ever, if we don’t migrate to alternate farming methods, danger shall loom low. Our practices at Deep Rooted. Co like Precision Farming, Contour Farming, Crop Rotating & Intercropping, Integrated Pest Management and more are among the 16 most sustainable farming practices.

The Benefits of being Local:

Not many years ago, Cauliflower was just a winter crop. Today it’s available throughout the year. Zucchini, Broccoli, and many other examples are there, that have been adopted to a local perimeter. From seed varieties to precision farming that mimics the adequate requirements of the plant in concern makes this a possibility. Till we don’t resort to harmful ways of expediting growth and intervention, this is a step forward in reducing carbon footprints.

Also, plants that are seasonal and have been grown responsibly are favourable to health. Being local has another dimension. It also means empowering and enabling the local farmers. The right support helps them generate better yields and thereby create an equitable way forward. Building networks and communities contribute a lot to this pursuit.

Choices define courses. Being informed is a powerful thing. We at Deep Rooted.Co brings to you transparency and reasons that not just fit our health requirements but relay the cause forward to a better, greener and safer tomorrow.