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Sindhura Mango- Lalbagh

Sindhura Mango- Lalbagh

06 January, 2023

Sindhura Mango:

Mango brings alive the simple joys of life. For some nostalgia revisits through the fruit, to many it is just the singular presence of Mango that overwhelms. Either way, a Mango’s existence precedes its presence. But how? The fragrance or the aroma charms much before the taste satisfies the loyalists. Sindhura Mango does both effortlessly with its presence.

Taste , Colour and Size

An early season variety, it is prominent and popular in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states. The name Sindhura comes from the skin's colour which wears the shades of Vermilon or Sindoor when completely matured. Shades of red, merging with the predominant yellow, look vibrant and appealing.

Owing to the sweetness of the fruit, Sindhura Mango is also lovingly called ‘The Honey Mango’. In Karnataka, it is popularly referred to as lalbagh.

Sindhura Mango: Tree, Farming and More:

Due to changing landscapes and varying temperatures, the timing and availability of Sindhura’s are well spread. It makes its presence felt first in Kerala at the end of December, before moving to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in March.

During an ideal season, the availability of the fruit stays till the end of May. It is around this time when the season of Mango concludes. It would be safe to say that Sindhura is available throughout the entire season.

The skin of the fruit is thin while the seed is smaller. It is pulpy and fibrous too. This variety of Mango is visibly smaller. The ideal consumption size for the mango ranges from 150-200 grams, while the one available in Kerala is above 200 grams.

Like most mangoes, even Sindhura Mango thrives in warmer areas that receive adequate sunlight. The average flowering to harvesting time period is between 80-90 days.

Palate Charmer:

The juicy flesh and the presence of fibres make it apt for juices and milkshakes. The sweetness of this mango and the creamy, pulpy texture of the flesh make the variety a popular one to be used in confectionery- used for making jams, jellies and preservatives.

Sindhura Mango: Healthily Yours

Mango brings a multitude of benefits. Sindhura Mango is rich in its natural fibre that largely helps manage gut issues. It eases digestion and also strengthens bones and the immune system.

A low-calorie fruit, Mango is a great supplement to maintain a balanced diet. It is also packed with polyphenols, which are plant compounds. This property acts as an antioxidant that protects one against inclement health conditions.

However, it is always advised to have the fruit in moderation and consult your dietician or doctor, if there is any specific health issue that can aggravate the consumption of Mangos.