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Rooted to Love- An Account of a Mango Farmer from Ramnagara

Rooted to Love- An Account of a Mango Farmer from Ramnagara

26 April, 2023

Our village may appear non-descript, but it exudes serene tranquility. Nestled amidst the Ramnagara hills, our village in Karnataka is renowned for its mangoes, and we take immense pride and humility in cultivating this prized fruit and sharing the bounty of our fertile soil with the world.

I am Chandraiah R, a farmer hailing from Akkur Village, in Ramnagara. As you enter our village from the Ramnagara junction, you will be greeted by vast expanses of mango orchards. Dotted with small, sleepy hamlets nestled among these orchards, our village boasts a stretch of land where we cultivate five to six different varieties of mangoes.

With four decades of farming experience, the tradition of cultivating this beloved fruit was initiated by my father. In our early days, we encountered numerous challenges. However, a fortuitous encounter with a scientist transformed our fortunes. This visiting scientist shared critical insights on mango cultivation, sparking remarkable growth in the region's mango production. Today, our area stands among the most productive mango belts in the state.

The combination of our fertile soil, favorable climate, and the presence of nearby water sources creates an ideal environment for growing some of the most sought-after mango varieties. Over time, we have mastered the cultivation of Badami, Sindhura, Raspuri, Mallika, and Thotapuri mangoes. Our farm encompasses 30 acres dedicated to Alphonso and Badami varieties, 5-6 acres for Raspuri, 5 acres for Sindhura, and a smaller section for Thotapuri.

Growing mangoes involves more than just planting trees. Providing the right nutrition and care throughout their growth journey is paramount. We have adopted various techniques and interventions based on the guidance provided by the agronomist team from Deep Rooted. Their expertise has helped us optimize our practices, leading to better yields and increased profitability.

Adhering to these guidelines, we diligently implement the necessary processes to ensure the cultivation of high-quality mangoes. This not only enhances our income and profitability but also allows our mangoes to reach consumers directly, thanks to the transportation arrangements made by Deep Rooted. By minimizing handling and transit time, we deliver fresher mangoes, which is a testament to our labor of love. 

We take meticulous care of our plants, ensuring they receive the right nutrients six months in advance. Additionally, we provide each tree with 10-15 baskets of organic manure. Understanding the significance of each step and its underlying reasons is crucial in making a difference.

In addition to these inputs, we supplement the plants with a small amount of Urea (Nitrogen). Later on, we introduce half a kilogram each of potassium and DAP (Phosphorous). These essential nutrients provide the plants with the energy they need, resulting in better quantity and quality of fruits. Alongside other techniques, we periodically loosen the soil and implement drip irrigation, putting in the hard work well before the fruits are ready for harvest, ensuring a bountiful yield.

Witnessing our farms filled with almost ripe mangoes, ready for harvesting, fills us with a profound sense of joy. Words fail to capture the excitement of the first harvest. It evokes a personal connection, transporting us back to the nostalgic happiness of plucking mangoes with our own hands during our childhood. The feeling remains unchanged.

The mango itself has remained unchanged, as has the joy it brings to us. However, our perspective on the plant has evolved. Today, as providers, we feel a heightened sense of responsibility towards it, as our love and dedication have only grown stronger over time.