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Ridge Abridged

Ridge Abridged

28 July, 2022
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Ridge Abridged!

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The Ridge Gourd Story

Our Ridge Gourds are the best in quality. We wanted to give you a glance at our farms that grow the finest quality of its kind.

Grown in open fields, supported by a Trellis archway, our Ridge Gourds are farmed with care & precision. This farming technique ensures that the Gourds don’t touch the ground, because if it touches the soil, then the colour of the vegetable changes. Also, through this mechanism the right pollination is ensured.

Protected by a proper drainage channel and insect trappers (Like sticky and pheromone trappers), the veggie is ensured that it gets the best guard. Depending on the maturity it is harvested every second day.

Ridge Gourds enhances vision and is a good way of managing Diabetes while it also promotes weight loss.

Add this Gourd fresh from our farms and relish its freshness and goodness delivered at your doorstep.

Till then let this set of images, be your excuse.