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Raspuri- The ‘Sweet Mango’ of South

Raspuri- The ‘Sweet Mango’ of South

13 February, 2023

Among the bright yellow stands out the reddish tinge. Raspuri grabs your attention with its shade before impressing you with its taste. This popular variety from the southern Indian states, is extremely aromatic with a hint of tartness.

Also known as sweet mango, Raspuri is popularly called Pairi in Maharashtra, where it also shares a notable prominence.

Tree Farming and More:

This variety is mainly grown in Karnataka and parts of Tamil Nadu. In Karnataka, the mango finds the best growing ground around Ramnagara and Old Mysuru. Oval in shape, the fruit measures up to 4-6 inches long. The tree of this variety is known to be dense, spreads fast and has accelerated growth with high yields.

Unlike the other south-Indian Mango varieties, this type is more fibrous with a seed of medium thickness. The time for flowering to harvest for Raspuri takes about 85-90 days and the ideal consumption size of the fruit ranges between 150-200 gms.

The season of Raspuri is spread from March to May. An early entrant in the season of Mango this variety has its true set of loyalists who swear by its distinctive taste.

Palate Charmer:

Raspuri is used generously in the making of Jams, Jelly, Milkshakes & Juices. The inherent sweetness of the fruit makes the dessert more naturally rich. However, if you are a purist, you may enjoy the fruit more in a sliced form.

Healthily Yours:

Raspuri like many mangoes are rich in carotenes, packed with Vitamin C and other essential nutrients. This type is fibrous which generously contributes to maintaining good gut health. From improved immunity to helping us maintain better skin health while also blessing us with the required dose of Magnesium and Potassium, Raspuri is a true ambassador of all the good health tidings that Mango brings to us.