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Celebrating light and its form- Diwali

Celebrating light and its form- Diwali

18 October, 2022

One Celebration, Different Expressions

The night sky punctuates with million sparkles while the humbly shimmering Diyas transform our spaces into happy ones. The glowing corners, the sound of laughter, the coming together of loved ones or just the pious spirit of festivity, adds this day to another chapter of nostalgia and memories. Diwali is here, and the shine of happiness is blinding.

No matter what language we speak, or the food we eat, light touches everyone. The definition of happiness or fulfilment can be different, but, Diwali units the diverse forms of us, and that of the light. Light becomes a representation of all good tidings.

In our Deep Rooted. Co family, we are privileged to work with people across all parts of the country. They wear different roles, speak different dialects, yet contribute singularly to the pursuit of a common goal- growing and delivering the best quality fruits and vegetables at its purest form.

Our ecosystem of people is our strength and we decided to take the narration of our country’s diversity, through their tales and words on ‘What Diwali Means to them’

Neetu Phukon, Warehouse Employee

I hail from Assam. During Diwali, my entire village would light lamps and wear their best clothes. On the day of Diwali, we decorate our houses with Diyas and embellish our house entrance with Bamboo and Banana Plants. We also make Payasams and together as a family we revel in the colours and taste of the festivity. Due to work, we often have to leave our hometown. In the journey, we make new friends. But, this is a time, when I miss my family the most.

Venkatesh- Farmer, Thuruvanahalli Village

It is a very special festival for us. During this time we also worship goddesses Lakhsmi and Vishnu a day before Deepavali and Narakachaturdashi (the last day of Ashwini masa/month) a day after. We light Diyas and decorate our houses with floral arrangements. Wearing new clothes and bursting crackers together while enjoying a special meal like Obbattu and Payasam, made especially for the day defines the festival for us. We also, offer Puja to the cattle, as festivity is a time of inclusion for us.

Santosh Narasipura, Co-Founder, Deep Rooted. Co

It has always been the joy of being together with family, especially on days of festivities. I ride on memories and I can never forget those feelings of little bravery during my childhood when holding the Phuljhari/sparkler till the very end, or being able to light a cracker properly. I really found a world of wonder in those raining sparkles. Today, as we tide with maturity, I still revel in those days and try to hold on to them during every Diwali