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Mallika Mango- A hybrid specialty

Mallika Mango- A hybrid specialty

13 February, 2023

A medley of two kinds, Mallika mango is a sweet arrangement between Neelam and Dasheri. It was first introduced in Lucknow, but is mostly grown in the farms of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. A mix of sweet and sour, Mallika is a fibreless variety which is larger than both the parent types (Neelam and Dasheri)

Generally, Mallika Mango Trees aren’t very tall and grow to an average height of 12 ft. This is one of the reasons why it is also called Patio Mangoes.

A hybrid variety, this Mango has come to prominence a few decades back, it has its own fan following. This variety makes an appearance during the mid Mango season and is available from April to the last week of May.

Tree Farming and More:

Mallika is shaded green to yellow when unripe and it turns to more dominant shades yellow and orange when completely ripened. A rather large variety on an average it weighs up to 700 gm.

After harvest the change in the physical attributes of the fruit, where the skin colour becomes reddish-yellow hue is because of the presence of carotenoids and the degradation of chlorophyll. The skin of the mango is leather like, wax-free and smooth.

The plant grows vigorously and requires the right balance of temperature and moisture and well-drained soil for the optimum growth of the plant. It takes around 115 days for the transition of the fruiting to harvesting stage.

Palate Charmer:

Mallika being a predominantly fibreless variety it tastes very good in desserts. However, in its ripened stage, it is also commonly consumed as juice, milk-shake, salads, smoothies and as curry or Mango rice in a savory form.

Healthily Yours:

The health benefits of Mango are plenty. It helps to manage heart diseases, keeps one hydrated and boosts immunity too. Like most Mangoes, even Mallika is packed with vitamins and is nutrition rich too.

However, if you have any underlying health constraint, do consult your doctor before having your portion.