Deep Rooted


13 February, 2023

Malgova, a,k.a Mulgoba, is a popular variety from the southern India states- Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

The fruit is among the larger sized varieties that is available and is extremely juicy and fragrant. History suggests that Mulgoba was sent to the US from India in 1889 to introduce tropical fruit in America.

A professor of horticulture named G. Marshall Woodrow from the Agricultural College at Poona was the person who shipped the Mango to Florida. Chittoor, Salem, farms around Bangalore are known to be some of the best growing grounds of the fruit. The variety from Bangalore was later seen to be among the most conducive to grow in Florida.

A native species, it charmed people across the globe then, as it still remains to be a regional favourite owing to its sweetness.

Tree, Farming and More:

Malgova is one of the main varieties of Mango that is cultivated in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. For people from the region, this variety comes around May and stays till the fag end of the season in June.

This rather large sized fruit has a flattened top and a curvy bottom and has less fibres. It weighs upto 300-500 grams on an average. From fruiting to be harvest ready it takes about 105 days. Known to have a thick skin and hard seed, it is less prone to damage.

Palate Charmer:

Malgova is sweet in taste. You can enjoy it in smoothies, salads and as a sliced fruit. It tastes very good as desserts and juices too.

Healthily Yours:

Mango happens to be extremely tasty and aromatic in nature. If you crave for mango strongly, the brighter side is, it is less in calories and high in nutrition. The presence of Vitamin-A promotes healthy hair, while polyphenols help fight colon, lung and prostate cancer. It is also packed with folates and beta carotene. Overall Mango is known to boost immunity, eye problems and manage heart issues too.

However, if you have underlying health conditions, do consult your doctor before consuming the fruit.