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Mango Langra: A true favorite from North India

Mango Langra: A true favorite from North India

14 February, 2023

This story is over 300 years old. The Langra Mango gets its name from a person in Banaras who was characterized by two things- He was lame and loved Mangoes. He was called ‘Langra’ by his friends, as he used to limp and walk. From his backyard came the modern Langra Mango, as more people started to grow this variety as it was rich in taste and extremely flavourful.

While the other Mangoes are more reddish and yellow in colour, this variety remains to be shaded by green, even when matured.

If we talk about India’s love affair with Mango, Uttar Pradesh remains to be one of the most important states, as many of the famous Mango varieties come from this part of the country and Langra happens to be another regional speciality that is loved universally.

Tree, Farming and More:

Langra is a thick skinned Mango with a big seed. It comes late into the season and is mostly available between June and July. A fibrous variety it is mostly sweet and slightly tangy.

One of the distinct features of the mango happens to be its greenish tinge even after ripening. The plant grows well in a nutrient rich soil, but doesn’t need too much watering for its upkeep. However, like most other mangoes, a well-drained soil and adequate amount of sunlight are prerequisites for the right growth of the fruit. The optimum growing conditions in this region ensures good harvest of the fruit.

From the fruit to harvesting it takes about 135 days which is among the longer time range. However all good things take time, and when it ripens and is ready to be consumed, it leaves a lasting memory among its loyalists.

Palate charmer:

From the pickle, to the chutneys, from Mango Rice to Srikhand, Langra can be a safe bet. However, the pleasure of peeling and enjoying every bite of the fragrant Mango makes it such a beloved fruit. Own it as you want it, because the Mango won’t complain

Healthily Yours:

Mangoes are a low calorie fruit. It is filled with fiber, pectin and Vitamin-C. It greatly helps in managing your gut health, while also being good for cholesterol. The beta-carotene further nurtures your skin and Vit-A, makes the fruit good for your eyes too.

Well, other than pampering your taste buds, Mango in its season is great for your nutrition.