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Mango Kesar- The Queen of Indian Mangoes!

Mango Kesar- The Queen of Indian Mangoes!

14 February, 2023

In its tribe, this variety is hailed as the Queen. Among the many, a few have captured and defined our imaginations-Kesar is one such variety.

Among the many narratives and stories that revolve around this special variety, one anecdote takes us to 1934 when the Nawab of Junagadh Muhammad Mahabat Khan III , was amazed by the orangish pulp of the Mango and referred to it as Kesar, which means Saffron.

It is believed that the Kesar variety originated from the Deccan Plateau of India. This particular type of Mango is famous for its sweetness and the hint of acidity. The richness of aroma also needs a special mention making it one of the most exported varieties after Alphonso.

In 2011, the Gir Kesar variety received its Geographical Indication Tag, which formalizes the Mango as one of the most unique ones.

Tree, Farming and more:

Kesar is considered as an early season variety. The availability of the mango starts from May. Known to be fragrant and juicy, the cultivation of this Mango starts after monsoon months. The fruits are harvested at their matured stage. The timing of the harvest needs to be perfect, because this determines the right taste of this sought after variety.

When harvested the fruit is green in colour. The fruit is fibrous/non-fibrous and is thin/thick seeded. The fruit to harvest time of the Mango is 120 days.

A well drained soil, with the right sunlight and moisture is needed for the best growth of the plant. The consistency of the right condition ensures a happy harvest year for this Mango, which never fails to deliver with its quality:

Palate Charmer:

You must have drooled over the Kesar Mango Ice Cream or Srikhand. Yes, it is the distinctive taste of this variety that makes it such a palate pleaser. The pulp of the mango is used in smoothies and several desserts while the true taste of the mango comes when you slice it and have. The queen of the mangoes will surely leave you craving for more.

Healthily Yours:

Mangoes in general are extremely good for health. Not just the great taste and fragrance, Kesar is packed with vitamins and nutrients that elevates good health . It regulates the digestive system while helping to prevent and manage cancer.