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Kalapad: South India’ Little Sweet Secret

Kalapad: South India’ Little Sweet Secret

13 February, 2023

Not every preference is the same, so why be the Mangoes? For the true Mango loyalists, the different types of Mango with its subtle nuances, coming from different parts of the country across the season makes it not just a consumable entity but a cherish-able journey.

Among those simple joys of childhood, one memory that remains very dear to us, is to be able to eat the fruit as a whole without slicing it. Kalapd is one such variety that brings alive this nostalgia.

It holds significant prominence among the southern Indian states-Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and is mostly available throughout the Mango season- It starts early March and is available till June.

Tree Farming and More:

Kalapad mangoes are among the sweetest mangoes available. Medium sized, it is juicy in nature and has a thick skin with a powdery pulp. The Mango weighs 100 - 200 gms on an average.

Like most Mango varieties, even Kalapad thrives when the plant receives good sunlight. Much before the wet season the tree should be planted. Mango trees prefer to prosper in soil which is well-drained, aerated and is nutrition rich. It is also to be noted that Kalapad grows well when the rainfall is distributed. That’s how the requirement of moisture is met. However, if it rains during the flowering season, then the fruiting of the plant is greatly compromised.

This is true for Kalapad and all other Mango varieties too.

Palate Charmer:

Kalapad being a regional favourite, one can put this Mango to great use in some of the local delicacies. Using it as a Pachadi, or as Mambazham Sambar which is a  favourite from Tamil Nadu are some of the delicacies where this variety is used.

But above all, just use this as a table fruit, slushy yet absolutely yum, bringing alive your childhood memories of experiencing Mango in its best possible manner.

Healthily Yours:

The presence of enzymes in Mango helps in breaking down the protein of our body. Mango is also rich in fibre and this property of the fruit facilitates good digestive health. Out of the many good attributes the fruit has, one of the foremost is that it helps in improving the immune system of the body. Rich in vitamins, and carotenoids, enjoy this seasonal, nutrition-rich fruit in all its glory.