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Infused Water - A twist of flavor to healthy hydration

Infused Water - A twist of flavor to healthy hydration

24 June, 2022

Water is universal. Beyond our thirst alarms, it is a necessity. The ripple effects of the benefits that water provides are plenty, so we decided to infuse it back, with the magic of freshness.

This summer, turn your humble gulps into bouts of flavourful goodness. You can’t do without water, so turn this love affair into a meaningful one.

Our body requires us to drink, on average, 2.5 litres of water per day. This basic requirement is often not met. Ask yourself: do you often feel hungry between meals? Does your skin feel dry minutes after applying lotion? Do you feel tired or irritated? Do you relieve your bladder less than 6 times a day? If any/ all of your answers are yes, then you are probably not getting enough hydration.

What is infused water?

Water is a neutral entity. When infused with fresh fruits and vegetables it makes the common an exotic.

Benefits of drinking infused water

  1. Adding slices of fresh fruits, vegetables, berries or herbs to a pitcher of water makes it instantly more appealing, and attractive to the eye, almost convincing you to drink.

  2. It tastes deliciously refreshing. This helps you to keep away from coffee, sugary drinks or sodas.

  3. Water-soluble nutrients in fruits and vegetables infuse the water with multiple health benefits.

  4. Infused water detoxes the body, improves digestive health, aids in weight loss, improves skin tone, and positively boosts your energy and mood.

Deep Rooted recommends: 5 ways to infuse water

  1. For refreshment:

    Add a few slices of lemon and cucumber to a pitcher of water. You may also add mint leaves and thin slices of fresh ginger for a refreshing, energising, metabolism booster drink.

  2. For fun:

    Fresh seasonal fruits like mango, orange, watermelon, pineapple and grapes can be infused along with mint leaves and a slice of lemon to make water a relishing seasonal drink.

  3. For stress relief:

    Add spices and herbs to elevate your mood. Try thyme with cucumber and strawberry, cinnamon and vanilla bean with pear and a hint of ginger, rosemary with grapefruit, cilantro with blueberry & limes. You could also add chia seeds.

  4. For health:

    Sipping on ginger-infused water helps to manage morning sickness better, during pregnancy. Blood orange can be combined with cranberries and fresh lemon for an anti-inflammatory detoxifying drink.

Tips on infusing right

  1. Always use water at cold or room temperature.

  2. Use the freshest produce.

  3. Wash the produce well.

  4. Refrigerate for at least an hour before you drink.

  5. Some fruits become waterlogged and get mushy. Remove those from the infused water and replace them by adding fresh slices before serving.