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Dasheri Mango

Dasheri Mango

14 February, 2023

This exotic variety dates back to the 18th century which was grown in the gardens of the Nawabs of Lucknow. A place that has made Kakori Kebabs a gastronomical phenomenon has gifted us one of the most loved and cherished forms of Mangoes- The Dasheri.

It is speculated that Dasheri’s origin is near Kakori village in Uttar Pradesh. However, today Malihabad Dasheri is among the most famous mangoes enjoyed in India. Today, this variety has been GI tagged, which further entails the uniqueness and the popularity of this Mango. Malihabad is the largest producer of Dussehri. There are about 14 mango belts in Uttar Pradesh alone. Some of the most cherished Mango varieties come from this state. 

Tree, Farming and More:

The Dasheri Mangoes are famous due to their flavour and fragrance. An extremely sweet and fibreless variety are yellow in colour and have an elongated shape. The mangoes are extremely sweet and fibreless.

Uttar Pradesh is among the largest mango producers in the country and Malihabad happens to be at the heart of this mango production with more than 30,000 hectares dedicated for the production of the fruit. In the Mango season, Dasheri comes late. It is harvested around June-July.

A thick skin, with a small seed, the Dasheri is every Mango lover’s delight. It weighs around 150-250 gms and it takes about four months for the fruit to come into a harvesting stage. The trees grow large and wide with open canopies.

Tempered by the heat, it finds some of the most conducive environment from where one of the best varieties of Mango is produced. Palate Charmer: Dasheri Mangoes are known as table fruit. The richness of the taste makes it a healthy dessert that can be enjoyed sliced. However, if you are looking for variations, you can have it as shakes, salads and smoothies too. Healthily Yours:

Much like other Mangoes, Dasheri is also a great source of Vitamin- C. They help with digestion and is also packed with the goodness of Zinc, Iron Calcium, Folate and many other minerals. A low calorie fruit, it not only charms with its taste but also is great for your health.