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Chausa - A regal variety from Uttar Pradesh

Chausa - A regal variety from Uttar Pradesh

13 February, 2023

Uttar Pradesh (UP)is known to be one of the largest producing mango states in the country.

You can’t imagine a mango season being complete without UP dishing out some of the most delicious and cherished varieties of Mangoes. Chausa is no exception.

This Mango of fame is grown in the bountiful fields of UP, but is loved universally. Other than finding its root in India, little variations of the same variety is also grown in Pakistan, but the inherent taste and flavour of the fruit glorifies the charm of the fruit across borders.

It is believed that from the Cheensa village in Sandila comes this variety where a window is said to have planted the first tree. Initially kept a secret among the privileged few, this Mango came to prominence when a commoner tasted it and decided to take it out to the world.

Tree Farming and More:

Chausa is known to be among the sweetest available mangoes of the season. This speciality from UP wears a golden-yellow colour and is soft. It is non-fibrous in nature and has an inherent fragrance which makes this kind a delicious one.It is also characterised by a little thick skin and a larger seed. Yet it is extremely juicy making it one of the best ambassadors of the fruit.

Chausa comes late into the season. It starts only in July and remains till August, which is around when the Mango season precisely lasts. It takes about 130 days from the fruiting to the harvesting period, which is also a little longer than the other varieties. Grown in some of the warmest regions, the cycle of the fruit is such that there are intermittent rains which contributes to the extended time between fruiting to harvesting.

Palate Charmer:

From the shake and juices, to the Mousse and Sirkhand, there are many ways you can use this Mango. But owing to Chausa being so flavourful we recommend you to slice it and have it in the traditional way. There is no greater fun that to enjoy the Mango in its each morsel

Healthily Yours:

Chausas is loaded with Vitamin C. Mangoes have inherent qualities where its enzymes break down the protein of the body. It is rich in antioxidants and also boosts immunity. Having Mango in moderation is hugely beneficial for health.

However, if there is a health concern it is always advised to consult with your doctor before you put the fruit as a part of your diet.