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Badami Mango- The Alphonso of Karnataka

Badami Mango- The Alphonso of Karnataka

13 February, 2023

Among the cherished varieties of Mango comes Badami. Known for its sweet taste it is hailed as the ‘Alphonso’ of Karnataka. A mid-season entrant, this Mango is among the most awaited ones.

Recognised for its pale yellow skin and yellowish orange flesh Badami is succulent and flavourful. In Karnataka, mangoes are cultivated in about 1.60 lakh hectares. Badami happens to be the state’s favourite and enjoys a considerable portion of the farming interest in the region during the Mango season.

Tree Farming and More:

Primarily grown in Karnataka, Badami is a fibreless variety with a seed of medium thickness. Conditioned by optimum moisture, night temperature and adequate sunshine, Badami finds the bets growing ground in Karnataka, no wonder, a trip to the interiors of Ramnagara will transport you to a Mango paradise, inviting you with its charm.

It takes about 105-110 days for the fruit to be harvest ready and the optimal size of it is around 200 grams.

Badami is mainly available around mid of April to end of May. The harvest of this fruit needs to be timed perfectly. If it is plucked before matured, then it stays inedible, if taken-off too late then the fruit becomes mushy.

The experienced farmers, know exactly when to pluck the fruit and Deep Rooted works with the right people to bring home the best of the fruit to its loyalists.

Other than Karnataka, Badami is also grown in Maharashtra, Gujarat and parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Palate Charmer:

Badami is a versatile kind and finds a wide variety of use.

The sweet and aromatic Badamis are best enjoyed sliced. As it is fibreless, the mouthfeel and the experience of enjoying a Mango is complete with Badami. However, it is also popularly used for preparing mango shakes and juices.

Healthily Yours:

The summer crush, Mango is not only a palate charmer but also brings host of health benefits.

One of its most important nutrient facts about mango is it being rich in vitamin C. Also the water-soluble vitamin helps in building a stronger immune system. It enables one’s body to absorb iron, while promoting cell growth and repair.

However it is always advised to consult your doctor if there is any underlining health condition and consumption of Mango is not favourable to you.