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 Anatomy of an orange

Anatomy of an orange

19 January, 2023

There is something refreshing about the whiff of orange. A little citrusy, a little sweet, this fruit spells freshness with its aroma & taste. One of the few fruits that charms us with its varied use are a favourite among most.

Some lesser-known facts about Mango:

  • It takes about 9 months from flowering to fruiting. The fruit is often harvested in the wake of the sixth month, making it bland and less sweet.

  • The warmer the temperature the more optimum condition for the fruit's right growth. It is grown in places that record temperatures around 45 degrees Celsius

  • The bigger the size of the fruit, the lesser the juice content. Also, it would be less sweet. Baby Oranges are best for juicing.

  • The other Indian oranges include a variety from the North-East belt (called Khaasi oranges - they have the GI tag) and also Coorg oranges (very hard to peel, people just cut and eat it directly)

  • Orange Nagpur is a non-climatic fruit, i.e, it doesn’t ripen after harvest. There is only a slight conversion of acids to sugars (No change at all which means, it will get a little sweeter.

  • The sweetness of orange (or any citrus fruit) - depends on Brix-to-acid ratio (sweetness unit). The min has to be 12 for optimum taste. Trust us to do the check before we send it out to you

Deep Rooted Oranges:

  • DR oranges come from its best-growing ground-Nagpur.

  • The Nagpur Orange has two seasons- Now is the Ambia (winter) season starting from the first week of September to December while the next season referred to as Mrig starts from the end of January to the beginning of March.

  • Orange Nagpur is the only loose-jacketed orange in the world. This means one can enjoy the entire fruit. This is important because one can enjoy the wholesome nutrition of the fruit along with its taste.

  • Consumption of fruit in between meals is the best time to have it.

  • Nagpur orange has 55% juice content (by weight), and Valencia has 48%, which is the next best, making Nagpur Orange the juiciest one.

  • Nagpur oranges have lesser seeds than other varieties making this table fruit easier to consume.