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A Cheat Sheet to Making your kiddos Eat Healthily

A Cheat Sheet to Making your kiddos Eat Healthily

28 July, 2022
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Let’s accept it, kids love bingeing on junk that adds nothing to their overall growth and development and interferes with their mealtimes. Health experts advise that your little ones need at least 2-3 cups of fruits and vegetables daily so they can grow into healthy adults.

So, how can you make your child switch to healthy eating, try these hacks:

The way to your child’s stomach is to make food look visually appealing. So, place fresh fruits of vivid colours at the centre of your dining table instead of placing them in a corner. This will help ensure that your kiddos can reach out and grab fruit for a snack or between meals. Chop veggies of different colours like carrots, cucumbers, beetroots and more and dress them with their favourite toppings like a squeeze of lemon and store them in handy, fun boxes, so they can munch on them when they like. Nutrient-packed berries are vital for growing kids. They’re lush, juicy and hassle-free. Keep some fresh berries like blueberries, strawberries, mulberries and more at places where your kids can reach and easily pop them in when they’re hungry.

Start with simple steps

Make smoothie packs. Assemble ingredients for a smoothie and store them together in a zip lock pouch in the fridge and blend them into delicious smoothies. Allocate days when you let your kids choose their favourite vegetables and fruits, so they enjoy their meals.

Make it your priority to eat healthy as a family. Involving kids in planning and preparation of meals greatly encourages eating healthy. Steam, bake, roast. Try cooking vegetables differently for a nice change.

Keep health in mind while making special treats

Bake chips out of veggies like zucchini, sweet potatoes, kale, carrots or beets. Kids love bingeing while they watch a movie or a sport. Make pizzas, tacos and wraps at home and feel free to top it with a variety of vegetables and microgreens for a flavourful dose of nutrition. Get the freshest stock of healthiest produce here

Discuss health benefits with your children. Educate them on which vegetables and fruits help with problems like acne, skin and hair.

Benefits of snacking on fruits and vegetables

With so many changes happening in the body, children, and especially teenagers need to realize the importance of eating healthy.

Fresh fruits and vegetables provide good hydration and energy. They reduce hunger pangs and prevent overeating, thereby ensuring a healthy body weight. They are a great source of fibre. Most fruits contain vitamin C which helps recover from colds. Bright orange-coloured fruits and veggies contain beta-carotene that helps promote healthy hair. Watermelon and spinach are great for the skin.